Suppose a new virus come that wipes out all males, Lets reach to the conclusion directly with male & female version.

Female version :

If all the males die out, we could go on for some more generations on frozen sperm that are already there in the sperm banks. So no direct impact in the new births.

New reports says that girls can produce their own sperm , but the problem with artificial sperm made from 2 women is that there is no Y-chromosome. Hence only daughters will be born this way and a woman only world would follow.

(In Short existence of males is still useless)

Effects on Law

Obviously the most immediate law changes would be more favorable laws for women. Marriage laws would be heavily rethought and a sort of civil unions for heterosexual female support groups would be legalized for raising children. Lesbian marriages would continue with perfect freedom and rights.

There would be much less violence and hatred in the world. The number of violent crimes would come down sharply and rapes would almost vanish.

Hard core religion would come to an end and religions would become more progressive.

In all a world would be better place to live in.

Effects on economics

Most industries would continue as normal. Most male oriented industries would crash including sports and entertainment industries.
On the contrary female oriented industries wouldn’t see any massive change except for the sex toy industry which would see a huge boost in profits and sales.

And A 100 years later, women around the world would only have seen men in videos and/or heard it from their parents and grand parents. New animated movies like Jurasic Park that shows the lost Men will release for Box offices.


Male Version :

  • There will be VGA back cameras in mobile , rest 30 Mega pixel front camera for Selfies.
  • Hinged toilet seats would become obsolete.
  • Alleged “Headaches” would decrease by 50%.
  • All ESPN channels are now Oprah channels 1 thru 8.
  • Border fences act merely as super long curtain rods now.
  • Streets would be much wider because no car has been properly parallel parked since that unbelievably gender biased disease led to the extinction of men.
  • Toilet tissue would now be in the form of pre-puffed balls.
  • All cars would travel backwards on the freeways, because everyone is looking in the rear-view mirror anyway, while dong their makeup.
  • And last but not least , there will there will be no one , who help you out in below condition.

If you have more Idiotic but logical Answers with you , then below is comment section..

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